I’d like to thank Biophoton Services for being there for me; your attentive support is invaluable.  I have benefited from Biophoton Light Therapy beyond my wildest hopes.  My first sessions were for lupus. My medical doctors told me there was no cure for lupus and that my best bet was managing it with drugs and supplements.

I credit Biophoton work for balancing my body in a healthy, noninvasive way so that my lupus went into remission after approximately 10 sessions and is now gone. 

My Kaiser doctor told me, “It is no longer an issue for you”. Kathy stays in communication for those times you really need a hand in a personal, interested way. I recommend Biophoton Services and am so grateful to have reaped such incredible benefits.

Jackie Van Sinderen

I had suffered from PTSD and ADD since childhood and was introduced to Biophoton Light Therapy through my personal path of healing and desire to seek alternative solutions.  It has been life changing for me as I now no longer suffer from anxiety, lack of focus and have more confidence in my studies and test taking in college.   Update:  It’s 2018 and I have just completed my B.A. degree which I never thought possible.  I am eternally grateful for Biophoton Services! Thank you so much! 

Julie Ortega

Conscious Life Coach

Our son has suffered from WARI (Weather Associated Respiratory Illness) since he was not even 3 years old. Almost every cold or runny nose would lead to asthmatic symptoms and countless doctor visits. Last April he received his first of 4 Biophoton therapies with Kathy McIntire and this fall/winter we have had only one day of mild breathing issues! We are incredibly grateful and happy our son is doing this well and have no doubt Biophoton therapy has helped heal his body.  Thank you, Kathy and Lillia, for educating us and offering complimentary sessions to Jonas!   

Susan Maltze


When I started Biophoton therapy, I had blockages in my arteries around my heart. My carotid artery was 70% blocked as per tests from my medical doctor at Stanford. They recently switched me to a new cardiac doctor and he ran new tests to see how I was progressing. When the tests results returned, I asked him how I was doing. He told me I had the heart of a 40 year old (I am 72 years old). I then asked him about my carotid artery and he told me they were perfect and clear. This legitimizes biophoton therapy and is certainly working miracles for me.

Phill Dickinson

Thank you so much for setting me up with a fantastic Chiren, materials and class.  I truly appreciate all that you have done.  It has been such a blessing to have the ability and knowledge to do this at my home.  All the pain in my hips, shoulders, and cervical area is gone.  There are no symptoms of ulcerative colitis or thyroid issues anymore.  Thank you so much for what you have done! It has meant the world to me.   Please express my gratitude to your staff as well.  I cannot express enough how thankful I am for your help.  I hope that someday I will be able to come out to California and meet you in person.  Until then, may the light always shine brightly in your life.

Michele Colchin

New Biophoton Practitioner

My 6 year old son was fluent in two languages. After receiving his DPT vaccine, he experienced a high fever and lost his ability to talk in coherent language. His speech was then garbled.  Headaches, dizziness, food allergies, processing issues, agitation, head banging and sleep apnea were the new norm.  I tried the conventional method and sought a naturopath, nothing seemed to work.  My pediatrician had no solutions for me, but had patients that were helped with Biophoton Therapy and suggested maybe I give it a try.  Within one session, his speech was normalized.  We did several more sessions to even things out within his immune system.  I was so relieved and happy for the referral, forever grateful!



I’ve been utilizing Biophoton Services in Alameda since early 2017 every few months and have experienced many improvements in my overall physical well being.  Old injuries flare and then deeply resolve (a back injury from the 70’s that used to lead to sciatica – a cracked tailbone from 2000 that would hurt if I sat too long, a bruised bone on my right foot that made pedicures and massages torture if they pressed on that area – all the above no longer bother me at all !). My emotional state is much more stable – I am calmer and more centered daily.  I am so very lucky to have such a skilled, kind Biophoton practitioner within 40 minutes of my home! 

Annie Cunningham

After suffering a shingles outbreak, I panicked and called Biophoton Services. The entire side of my face was swollen and painful. I was desperate and hoped they might have a solution. I had never experienced biophoton therapy before and was not sure what to expect; however at this point I was willing to try anything. After my first session, Kathy asked me to report to her in three days.   I could not wait and on day two, I called to tell her the pain was gone and the swelling had subsided. I was amazed and became an instant believer. The rest of the blisters disappeared and I am forever thankful.

Janet McIntire

I was a skeptic, and I still don’t know how it works.. but it does. I’ve been dealing with chronic migraines, depression, and some other health issues for years and within the first two to three sessions I experienced a significant decrease in the recurrence of my migraines! The office itself is really calm, clean, and comfy! The staff is fantastic and I believe the treatment does work- so I give five stars out of 5. 

Sara Sanchez

College Student

I came to biophoton light therapy in my search for answers to address my health concerns.  I was diagnosed with a chronic bacterial infection.  I suffered from fatigue and was unable to paint.  Western medicine had plenty of prescriptions to offer but no solutions.    Biophoton light therapy addressed my entire body, as a whole. 

After three months my body’s ability to heal itself was greatly improved. I am currently working on multiple Paintings.  I will turn 40 in just a few short days and I know I will be healthier in the second half of my life then I was in the first.  Everything changed when I began this therapy.  It was a great tipping point that challenged my existing approach but rewarded my patience with a deeper understanding of the imbalances I was literally living inside. 

My relationship with my therapist has been a learning curve far and beyond the actual treatments.  Biophoton Services is a part of my team that helps me discover how to help me, heal, me.

Nicole Miller


Biophoton Therapy came into my life when I was having recurring significant lymphadenopathy, to the point where I was not able to walk, work, and sometimes even get out of bed.  I had been to various doctors, and had several very painful surgeries, all of which left me in excruciating pain and more hopeless than ever.  I was very fortunate to begin treatments with Kathy, who addressed the cause of my ailments and within a few short months my symptoms completely disappeared.  I have never felt better, and my body has never felt stronger or more energized.  I am beyond grateful to know that I have a practitioner who will work with me to heal my body from the inside out.  What a gift to have Biophoton Therapy available to me and my loved ones!

Dora Vandekamp

Podcast Host

I came to Biophoton Services out of desperation and last resort.  My doctor prescribed many medications for me, but didn’t offer any long term solutions. My daughter worried about the side effects and whether or not I would be able to live by myself.  I was referred to Biophoton Services by a close friend.   I was medically classified with having pre-Alzheimer’s. I was experiencing memory loss, depression, anxiety and nervousness.  My hands were stiff with arthritis.  I had frequent migraines, which were very debilitating for me.   After 6 months of consecutive weekly Biophoton Sessions, I am happy to say I am now clear of all the above complaints and am off all my prescriptions.  I have never felt happier and healthier and I am beyond grateful for Biophoton Services. 

Alicia Ruiz

I started getting Biophoton treatments after a very nasty car accident.  Lillia was able to get me in right away as she knew that I was having severe migraines from the concussion I sustained.  After the first visit, I already felt better.  This technology is amazing for those experiencing health issues.  After all, everything begins in our cells and this is what they specialize in.  I highly recommend this life changing treatment!

Susan Dressler

NoFu Founder & Esthetician

Royce is my 120lb dog who was vaccine injured and confirmed by his veterinarian.  He had a high fever, became lethargic and lost his ability to walk.  My husband and I had to use a makeshift sling to carry him outside to do his potty duties.   This went on for several weeks until a friend of mine told me about biophoton therapy and I decided to pursue it.  After one session, Royce was able to walk again and even go down the stairs.  He is still recuperating, but we are thrilled with the results so far and happy to see him walking again!

Pam Conway

Dog Owner

For the last 15+ years, I have struggled with an array of health problems that included extreme fatigue, joint pain, balance and coordination issues, numbness, and cognitive and neurological impairment to name a few.  Over the years, I searched for the cause, studying and trying many healing modalities from conventional medical care to a wide variety of alternative treatments, including Naturopathic care, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Ayurvedic healing.

I was taking a host of medications and supplements, detoxes, and followed a strict anti-inflammatory diet to attempt to regain control over my life. Through all of this, at best, I would feel marginally better for a short while, but my conditions continued to progressively worsen.  Adding in the stress of 80 hour work weeks, I found myself desperate and on the verge of hospitalization.

I was forced to stop working and do what I could to properly take care of myself and my fragile state of health.  Having been misdiagnosed with MS, Fibromyalgia, and a variety of other auto-immune diseases, I begged my doctor to test through Igenix for Lyme.  Sure enough, every single panel was positive.  I finally had found the answer I needed to start zeroing in on therapy.

I joined several groups online, and tried anything and everything to see what might work.  Consuming essential oils, Infrared sauna, and twice weekly ozone and Vitamin C drips.  Again, I’d feel a bit better after the IV’s, but still wasn’t cutting it.  I came into contact with a young woman who had a very similar path as I had in many ways.  She told me about the therapy that got her in remission from Lyme, and after our call, I searched for a practitioner.  I started doing weekly sessions, and found unrelated issues that disappeared almost immediately.

More often than not – feeling ill, extremely fatigued and in pain, I had lost friendships and struggled to do anything social.  The disease affected and almost destroyed every aspect of my life.  By my third session, I was so convinced and passionate about the therapy, that I knew I wanted to become a practitioner myself to help others.  During the last few years, I’ve racked my brain on what I could do differently as far as a career path.  I felt drawn to focus my energy towards what I cared about most, helping people.  I wanted to help others get their lives back on track and regain health and happiness.

Amy Baldwin


I flew in from Idaho to visit Biophoton Services and it was so worth it! In only one session, I felt more at peace in my body with improved digestion and immune function. It’s so good to feel my immune system react the way it’s supposed to.  Kathy was so kind and knowledgeable. I felt confident that I was in good hands throughout our session. Kathy also treated my scar tissue that I had from a c-section, and I was amazed at the results! The scar tissue softened considerably and the numbness I had around it is almost gone. She also treated an old surgical scar for my husband as well. He now has much more feeling. Thank you so much Kathy! 

Mackenzie Thompson

Thank you for connecting me with the equipment and biophoton training in the the beginning of my journey three years ago.  I have learned a lot since then and have been actively offering sessions with others and family members with great success.  Personally, the Chiren is one of the BEST devices I have ever owned.  It has completely turned my life around.  I don’t know who I would be without it.  It has opened up a whole new world for me.  If there is anything I can ever do for you, I would be more than happy to help.

Michele Addino

These wonderful human beings are correct. I am a scientist and what they’re doing here is justice. Give them a chance and you’ll see that it is magic and powerful. This is humanity. 

Thaddaues F.


I was diagnosed as having Tuberculosis from my medical practitioner and was prescribed a medication.  Instead of taking the medication I sought Biophoton light treatment and eliminated it from my system.

Not only was I successful at eliminating the TB, biophoton light sessions also helped me decompose a buildup of calcification in my system that was classified as pre-Parkinson’s.  I am forever grateful for coming into contact with this advanced European technology. 

Rey Michel

Security Officer and EMT Student

At age 14, I encountered my 1st experienced with Biophoton services.  From birth to age 14 I had reoccurring migraine headaches monthly.  I had one biophoton session and have not had another migraine since. 

I am now 18 years old and very grateful for the relief and knowledge to know that there are alternatives that help resolve issues like mine.


Mateo Hunter Aguayo

College Student

As a long-time sufferer of severe depression and anxieties, the births of my children made it worst.  I’ve tried every single anti-depressants on the market.  I was in and out of counseling, both were unsuccessful treatments.  Last November, I was at my wits end because I could no longer live like this. Out of desperation, I started Biophoton treatment.  2 weeks after my treatment, I stopped taking my anti-depressant.  It has been 7 months and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for Biophoton.  The treatment saved my LIFE.  I would not be here today if it wasn’t for the treatment.  I am no longer taking anti-depressant, I am emotional and mentally healthy.  I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I cannot imagine that I had even considered suicide.  

The treatment has changed my life but also my youngest son.  He had attention and concentration problem at school.  At a conference meeting, his Principal and Teacher recommended I take him to the doctor for ADD evaluation.  His doctor wanted to put him on medication.  Instead, I took him to get Biophoton treatments.  At our next meeting, the Principal and Teacher praised how my son’s behavior has changed drastically.  The difference was night and day. His teacher noticed a complete difference in his behavior and school-work.  He actively participates in class and completes his work on time.  Biophoton not only treated my depression and anxiety but also for neck injuries from previous car accidents.  Due to my neck injuries, I was unable to lift anything over 25 lbs without re-injuring it.  I would have to go to my Chiropractor to re-adjust my neck.  After Biophoton, I am able to lift heavier items and I am no longer seeing my Chiropractor.  Biophoton is a medical miracle that medication could never do.  Thank you to Kathy!!!

Kat Nguyen


I don’t know what you did but my dog, Rudy is doing really well after his Biophoton session.  He has gained some weight back and he has figured out the house and gets around without his “Halo bumper for blind dogs”. He’s going up and down the stairs and jumping up on the couch. Rudy thanks you and I thank you.

Patricia Edith

Dog Owner

I am blessed because Biophoton Services has helped my daughter in so many ways, from not being able to sleep during the night to anxiety and depression.  I am not against Doctors, but I don’t believe in pharmaceutical drugs.  I always go for a more natural approach and thankful to have found a therapy that resonates. 

Jennifer Carlough


For the last 2 months I have been receiving services from Kathy and her team and could not be more grateful.  The difference I have seen in my overall well-being has been amazing.  I came in with extreme back, shoulder and neck pain.  Daily headaches, swelling in my knees and difficulty walking and bending.  Feeling so much constant pain and low energy was also causing depression and anxiety.  After weekly sessions, I have experienced much relief and most of my chronic symptoms are gone.  I feel energized and optimistic about the future.  I can now start to think about rejoining extracurricular activities and hobbies I had stopped doing because of the way I was feeling.   The best part is that I have overcome these symptoms without any negative side effects or medications! I highly recommend this alternative medicine option that has proven to be very effective.  Thank you Biophoton Services!

Maritza Cabrera

Psychologist & Mother

Biophoton light therapy has helped my son in so many ways, Lillia and Kathy are amazing! After 3 sessions my vaccine injured autistic child, Ian participated in a group activity for the very first time.  After 6 sessions he said Hi, mommy for the very first time.  Prior to this he was non-verbal. Myself and his teachers were all blown away. I highly recommend Biophoton Services in Alameda, CA!

Valentina Hernadez

Mother with autistic son

My wife began seeing Kathy several months ago and recommended her to me as I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. I had several issues pop up during my first session; but she initially focused on my Adrenals, as they were extremely fatigued. After a couple sessions, Kathy was able to clear them, and my stress levels began improving. As she began peeling away the layers, Kathy discovered an infected tooth that I had a root canal on several years ago. I recently had three sinus infections over the course of six months caused by this infection; but never pieced it together. She was able to clear the problem after a couple sessions. However, we felt that long term; it made the most sense to have the tooth pulled. I now have not had a sinus infection within the last six months. She has also treated my arthritic knee. I have seen improvement in pain and stiffness from the treatments. On my most recent session, I only had one issue pop up, and Kathy cleared it. My plan is to continue with maintenance every 6-8 weeks, as this is the best I have felt in many years thanks to Kathy!

Doug Ramson

Business Professional

I have been receiving Biophoton services provided by Kathy McIntire.  As Hue-man slowly arriving back into ancient realizations that we are beings of frequency bound light, it becomes clearer every day to my body that the light emissions transmitted by creator of this machine and through it; that my body is receiving and allowing the revitalization of my cellular structures.  Old limiting programs of dis-ease and death are being rewritten in my field, in new patterns of life and prosperity.

Mario Sarmiento

Business Professional

Biophoton Light