Corporate Biophoton Wellness Program

Biophoton Services

Problem Worth Solving

According to the CDC in the US, absenteeism costs employers $225.8 billion per year and presenteeism costs employers three times more than absenteeism.  (Presenteeism refers to employees who come to work despite being unwell). Six out of ten adults in the US have at least one chronic disease and four out of ten suffer with two or more chronic diseases.

Biophotonic Tech

Biophoton Services works with an extremely advanced and sophisticated device that is called the Chiren, that recalibrates the light, also known as biophotons, emitted by your cells, resolving chronic health issues.  This technology is revolutionary in that it can communicate and source information from the body and then manipulate the cells in a non-invasive manner for total restoration of the body’s operating system.

Who can it help?

Biophoton Therapy has proven to significantly benefit people of all ages and with a wide range of conditions:


Allergies & Asthma

Blood Pressure


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Circulation Issues

Crohn’s Disease




Digestive Issues


Food Poisoning

Gall/Kidney Stones

Heavy Metal Toxins

Hormonal imbalances

Lyme Disease


Prostate Problems


Our Solution


Non-Invasive Biophoton Technology

Cutting Edge technology addresses chronic and acute health conditions. The biophoton resonance filter measures, filters, recalibrates, and then redistributes the light within the cells, hence restoring the body’s governing system non-invasively.


Regenerates cells, tissues and organs

Biophoton technology can track and alter biological processes, at various levels of the subatomic, the atomic, and the molecular levels. This technology gets to the root of the problem rather than merely treating symptoms.

High scale magnification reveals multi colored microorganisms dividing generated by AI

Sustainable – reduces dependency of medical supplies and resources

Utilizing Biophoton technology in lieu of medication, when appropriate, will minimize the potential for unwanted medications to end up in the waterways and also reduce resources needed for production and unwanted drug side effects.

Fosters Employee Innovation

Technology is providing solutions to supposedly incurable diseases and unknowns health conditions. To think the unthinkable sparks creativity and innovation. Not only can this technology be applied to humans, but animals, oceans, lakes and agriculture.


Competitive Advantage

We know the traditional benefits of incorporating a wellness employee program into a corporate structure. These benefits include increased employee productivity, reduced healthcare costs, decreased absenteeism, improved employee engagement and morale, enhanced talent attraction and retention, mental health issues and a positive impact on work-life balance.

The competitive advantage to incorporating Biophoton Technology includes all the benefits listed above in addition to utilizing the most cutting-edge form of technology to address all health conditions. Even conditions that supposedly have no cure. Not only is this technology non-invasive, but it reduces the dependency of medication and unwanted side effects. It addresses the chronic and acute health issues at the root cause rather than just masking symptoms.


Incorporating Biophoton tech into an existing wellness program

Collaborate with a certified Biophoton Practitioner.

Set up designed stations within the company premise.

Establish a regular working schedule.

Educate employees about technology/therapy and preventable health measures.

Educate employees about technology/therapy and preventable health measures.